Medusa is a non-profit nomadic collective which aims to stimulate cultural exchanges and promote new emerging artists. Serving as a platform, Medusa’s main objective is to provide the fertile soil upon which new conceptions within the current cultural landscape can flourish. As Medusa strongly believes that artistic innovations emerge through dialogue, it places an emphasis on collaboration as a means to constantly evolve the discourse of artistic and cultural engagements.

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The Future in a Fossil
State of Flux
𝓘n the Cold Breeze of a New Earth
Hoogte Lengte Breedte (w/ Lina Ejdaa)
Gather Like Dust (w/ BOX22)

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Cendar Brussels by Galerie Zotto (w/ Sam Evers)
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Go on then, creep down into the cellars... A jumble of abstract paint streaks might disorientate your first glimpse. Grant them a closer inspection, so that the odd figures between the paint stains and splashes have the chance to reveal themselves. Perhaps these figures disappear in the turmoil as the paintings hardly hold a clear focus. But allow them to welcome you inside CLAPTRAP's crumbling walls.
    In this basement, a self-contained, freewheeling life emerges on its own. But as the paintings yearn to tell a story, their narration is plagued by a lack of causality and chronology. Each work of Rik Vonckx is, based on its materiality and colour, placed in such a way that its position fractures the possibility of a logical narration — therefore revealing its endless state of Flux. 

Upcoming: Indigo Deijman loves Robert Pattinson     an invitation by Les Brasseurs     Rue du Pont 26, 4000 Liège    21.01.2023    Upcoming: Indigo Deijman loves Robert Pattinson     an invitation by Les Brasseurs     Rue du Pont 26, 4000 Liège    21.01.2023