Medusa is a non-profit nomadic collective that aims to stimulate cultural exchanges and promote new emerging artists. Serving as a platform, Medusa’s main objective is to provide the fertile soil upon which new conceptions within the current cultural landscape can flourish. As Medusa strongly believes that artistic innovations emerge through dialogue, it places an emphasis on collaboration as a means to constantly evolve the discourse of artistic and cultural engagements.


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    Medusa invited German painter Tom Król to present his series ‘Heads’ in Brussels — the city in which he lived for a couple of years and where he started working on these series.

Brasserie Atlas, Brussels

All pictures ©GRAYSC
Text by Lina Ejdaa
Graphics by Myrthe Van Rompaey

Tom Król (Cologne, 1991) is a German painter who lives and works in Cologne. He graduated in 2017 at the University of Design of Offenbach am Main in the painting department. SORRY marks the reunion of his series ‘Heads’: a gathering of portraits which could only happen in Brussels — the very place where this series was initiated.

Tom Król’s ‘Heads’ display the basic traces of a portrait — yet as one might consider them more as masks, Tom prefers the term ‘head’, as they reveal themselves naked and open, inviting a viewer’s gaze into their inside.
      Tom’s paintings trigger our sense of pareidolia: the human tendency to — upon very little visual cues — deceptively recognise a face in things that aren’t faces. As such, Tom Król stretches the boundaries of what we call a head; playing around with contours, paint traces and abstract shapes, whilst still leaving enough suggestions for a head to emerge. His moments of painting probe the extent of pareidolia and Tom knows exactly when to stop: Suddenly the cues for a face materialise, and serendipity births a new person coming out of the void. We asked Tom what these heads would say if they could talk to the visitor. He answered they would ask a very simple question, one that is often posed upon new spontaneous encounters: “how are you?”

Works of Justin Somjen (wall pieces) and Finn Theuws.