Medusa is a non-profit nomadic collective which aims to stimulate cultural exchanges and promote new emerging artists. Serving as a platform, Medusa’s main objective is to provide the fertile soil upon which new conceptions within the current cultural landscape can flourish. As Medusa strongly believes that artistic innovations emerge through dialogue, it places an emphasis on collaboration as a means to constantly evolve the discourse of artistic and cultural engagements.

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Rundgang Curator Picks: Medusa
Emergent Magazine (w/ Rinus Van de Velde)
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Cendar Brussels by Galerie Zotto (w/ Sam Evers)
Rundgang Curators Picks: Sacha Verleyen

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Cendar Brussels: Please, smoke inside

    Invitation by Galerie Zotto, in collaboration with Sam Evers

KBK, Brussels

Medusa was asked to create an ashtray for Galerie Zotto’s debute exhibition. More than 140 artists or collectives were invited — including Naomi Gilon, Audrey Large, Leo Orta and Simon Marsiglia. The exhibition itself was initiated by a smokey happening in which all visitors were free to light their cigarette inside the walls of KBK in Brussels and make use of the abundance of ashtrays. The ashtray which represented Medusa was created by Sam Evers. Her ashtray embodies symmetrical, organic forms derived from an art-nouveau sensibility which permeates the city of Brussels. Covering the 3D-printed sculpture with a plain pseudo-concrete material, her astray aims to reach beyond art-nouveau conventions and collapse tradition with contemporary interpretations and new production technologies.

Picture by ©Galerie Zotto