Medusa is a non-profit nomadic collective which aims to stimulate cultural exchanges and promote new emerging artists. Serving as a platform, Medusa’s main objective is to provide the fertile soil upon which new conceptions within the current cultural landscape can flourish. As Medusa strongly believes that artistic innovations emerge through dialogue, it places an emphasis on collaboration as a means to constantly evolve the discourse of artistic and cultural engagements.

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𝓘n the Cold Breeze of a New Earth    

    Dennis Meersman, Chloé Arrouy, Janne Schimmel, Lena Kuzmich, Anna Sougy, Léa Tissot-Laura, Mathias Mu, Pedro Gossler & Thijs Jaeger


𝓘n the cold breeze of a new earth, a perversely-shaped creature is born. It emerges out of the synthetic waters, still sticky with slime from its mothers womb. A dusky ancient light sweeps across the sky as the newly born being, shiny and cold, opens its eyes to look straight at you. Together you linger through the plastic valleys, between metallic forests, into the castle of occult sounds. Suddenly memories from a distant past float to the surface, dragging you to places where binary thinking was seeded deeply in earth’s crust. Yet the cold touch of the newborn creature closes this passage, drawing you back to the reality where artifice and mysticism live in harmony. As you look at all the crossbreed creatures that rule this kingdom of hybridity, you suddenly see yourself.

This exhibition was featured in O Fluxo & KubaParis

All pictures by ©Tim Evers
Text by Noa Verkeyn & Saskia Smith
Graphics by Sam Evers & Saskia Smith

Janne Schimmel (left) and Mathias Mu (right)  

‘Oribe Doro’ by Mathias Mu

‘Oribe Doro’ by Mathias Mu

‘The Hero as a Bottle’ by Jamme Schimmel

‘Ooze’ by Thijs Jaeger and Pedro Gossler

Léa Tissot-Laura and Anna Sougy (left) and Mathias Mu (right)

‘Sexy Pigs’ by Léa Tissot Laura and Anna Sougy

‘Oribe Doro’ by Mathias Mu

‘ddy’s girl’ by Lena Kuzmich

Lena Kuzmich (left) and Mathias Mu (right)

Lena Kuzmich (left) and Janne Schimmel (right)

Janne Schimmel

Janne Schimmel

Bliss by Chloé Arrouy

Chloé Arrouy & Dennis Meersman (audio)