Medusa is a non-profit nomadic collective which aims to stimulate cultural exchanges and promote new emerging artists. Serving as a platform, Medusa’s main objective is to provide the fertile soil upon which new conceptions within the current cultural landscape can flourish. As Medusa strongly believes that artistic innovations emerge through dialogue, it places an emphasis on collaboration as a means to constantly evolve the discourse of artistic and cultural engagements.

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Cendar Brussels by Galerie Zotto (w/ Sam Evers)
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    Chloé Arrouy, Arnaud Eubelen, Tim Evers, Emile de Geyndt, Tom Halle, Günther Möbius, Anthony Ngoya and
Nina-Joy Thielemans

Brasserie Atlas, Brussels

Eight artists from Antwerp, Brussels, Liège, and Cologne gather to form the group exhibition Lemme. The word lemma — from the greek λμμα — refers to the state of liminality; the in-between space charaterised by impermanence. As visitors drive themselves from one work to another, they find themselves in the process of constantly passing through like permanent passengers between the artworks. Whilst the exhibition tables the idea of constant transit, notions of endless temporality are further ignited as Nina-Joy constantly lights her fireplace-sculture and Chloé’s candle holders slowly burn down their candles. Meanwhile, Arnaud’s DJ table hosts music performances by Jacob Eckhardt, DJ Schwanske and Gibby-DJ.

All Pictures ©Lotta Kestens
Graphics by Myrthe Van Rompaey

Work by Arnaud Eubelen

Work by Arnaud Eubelen

Work by Nina-Joy Thielemans (centre) and Arnaud Eubelen (right)

Work by Nina-Joy Thielemans

Work by Chloé Arrouy

Work by Chloé Arrouy

Work by Tom Halle

Work by Tom Halle

Work by Antony Ngoya

Work by Emile De Geyndt

Work by Emile De Geyndt (front) and Tim Evers (back)